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Partners In Palestine


Progressive Youth Union
Palestinian Medical Relief Society
Health Development Information and Policy Institute
Al-Quds Open University


Nablus Municipality
Multipurpose Community Resource Center
Assirk Assaghir Nablus Circus School
An-Najah University
Al-Yasmeen Hotel
Palestine Forum Nablus
Tanweer Centre
Al Mustaqbal Society for Development & Democracy
Hamdy Manko Municipal Center
Child Cultural Center
Youth Society
Palestinian Women’s Club
General Union for the Disabled
Bouzour Center
The Popular Corporation for Rural Development in Palestine
Agriculture Union


Balata Refugee Camp

Happy Childhood Club
Mother’s School
Naher Al Aoja
Balata Youth Social Center
Bessan Centre
Local Committee of Disabled
Woman’s Program Center

Old Askar Refugee Camp

Dar Al-Fonon
Mother’s School
Women’s Program Center

New Askar Refugee Camp

Al-Safeer Center

El-Ein Refugee Camp

Women’s Program Center
Local Committee of Disabled