Project Hope talks in Glasgow and Dundee

From Saturday 27 May until Sunday 28 May, the Director of Project Hope and founder of the Nablus Cultural Festival, Hakim Sabbah, will visit Glasgow (Saturday 27 May) and Dundee (Sunday 28 May) to give two talks. Please find the dates and locations of the lectures below: Saturday 27 May, 1 PM: Crypt Cafe, 77 Southpark Ave, Glasgow. Hakim will speak about the current Palestinian context, 50 years on, and Project Hope’s work to revive and unite communities. Sunday 28 May, 5:30 PM: One World Centre, 189 Princess Street, Dundee. Hakim will speak about the political situation in the West […]

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Project Hope talks in London – Hakim marks 50 years of military occupation in Palestine

In order to mark 50 years of military occupation in Palestine, Project Hope director Hakim Sabbah has been invited to speak at the GMB Office and Westminster University in London. In both events, Hakim will discuss his work to rebuild a failing education system, empower Palestinian youth, and to combat widespread apathy in the context of a stalemate peace process. Please find more details about both events below: 6.00pm Tuesday, 23rd May – GMB National Office: Talk on the current Palestinian context, 50 years on, and Project Hope’s work to revive and unite communities. 6.15pm – 7:30 pm Wednesday, 24th May – […]

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Hakim’s Trip to the UK, October 2016

Between 24th and 28th of October, our Director, Hakim, visited the United Kingdom. His trip to the UK was a big success, with many people attending Hakim’s talks – in Oxford, Nottingham and Lancaster – raising awareness about the important work Project Hope is doing. The trip was also a great opportunity for Hakim to meet up with former volunteers and staff members of Project Hope. We would like to provide a special thanks to Charles and Brad at Oxford University, Sayeh and the Palestine Society at Nottingham University, and Abdalkarim and the friends of Palestine society. Lancaster University for making these talks possible. […]

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Special thanks to Beit Zatoun

    On the 30th of November, the Beit Zatoun house in Toronto is organising its final event. Over the years, Beit Zatoun has been a main supporter of Project Hope. In May 2016, Beit Zatoun hosted our Director Hakim Sabbah for a talk. We would like to thank Beit Zatoun and particularly Rob Mas for their ongoing support of Project Hope over all these years.

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Project Hope: Opening Doors for Young Palestinians

Project Hope played a large role in shaping the person that I am today, particularly at a professional level. My first encounter with Project Hope was at a local community centre in Balata refugee camp (the largest refugee camp in the West Bank) as a primary school student in 2004. That year, school education suffered a great deal of disruption due to curfews and invasions. I joined an English conversation class led by a Project Hope volunteer at a local community centre in Balata camp. The frequent shut down of school was a great source of concern for everyone and […]

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Bi-monthly overview Project Hope July-August 2016

The months following the Ramadan are among the busiest for Project Hope, with many international volunteers coming to Nablus to teach in the Summer and Autumn. July 2016 and August 2016 were not an exception to this, with Project Hope welcoming 27 new volunteers in the month of July and 12 new volunteers in August 2016. These international volunteers came to Nablus from a wide variety of countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Singapore, Australia, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Chile, reflecting the diversity of our group of international volunteers. They were assisted by 28 local […]

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Soukaina’s story

  From Tetouan, Morocco, 24 year old Soukaina spent four weeks volunteering in Nablus. A student in Educational Sciences at VU Amsterdam university, Soukaina is active in an international student organization that aims to raise awareness about human rights in Palestine. In Nablus, Soukaina volunteered in a summer camp at al-Awtar community centre running arts, drama and other activities. She also taught English level 1 and 2. Soukaina’s favourite thing about Nablus was the people. “They were so welcoming and their hospitality was amazing.” Although she doesn’t know what the future will hold, Soukaina is certain she will visit Nablus […]

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Leila’s story

Leila, 43 is from the United States where she works as a fifth grade teacher in New York. Leila spent six weeks in Nablus in the summer of 2015 volunteering as an English and art teacher. Part Palestinian, Leila says “I strong connection to my father’s homeland, one that I deeply love very much.” Her favourite thing about Nablus was the spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Now back home with family in the U.S., Leila is still working as a teacher and she would like to spend summer 2016 working with Syrian refugees in Turkey.

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Annual Report Project Hope 2015

Project Hope proudly presents its 2015 Annual Report. The 2015 Annual Report provides a statistical overview of the subjects, classes and number of students taught in 2015 and the international and local volunteers who contributed to our mission. In addition, it provides a description of the highlights and the special events Project Hope participated in and helped with over the year. The report also includes an outline of our main international partners who supported us in 2015 and the local partners we cooperated with in the governorate of Nablus to provide our classes to our students. The report concludes with […]

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Project Hope: 2015 in figures

2015 has been a very successful year for Project Hope, with our international and local volunteers providing 1551 classes to a total of 12,431 students. We have summarised our achievements in 2015 in this beautiful infographic, which provides an overview of the number of classes and students taught in 2015, the local partners we provided classes to, more information about our international and local volunteers and the average class size in 2015.

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Project Hope

Project Hope is a community not-for-profit and a registered charity.

Project Hope works in the refugee camps, cities, and villages of the Nablus region of the northern West Bank, teaching English and delivering other essential education, arts and sports programs to Palestinian children and youth.

The largest volunteer organization of its kind in Palestine, Project Hope fosters dialogue and cooperation between local and international volunteers, while encouraging its volunteer alumni to remain involved with the issue of Palestine afterward.

A Registered Charity

Project Hope's work is carried out through the Canadian charity “Humanitarian Opportunities for Peace and Education”


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Project Hope's work is supported from the United Kingdom and European Union through the Scottish charity Firefly International


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