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Bi-monthly overview Project Hope July-August 2016

The months following the Ramadan are among the busiest for Project Hope, with many international volunteers coming to Nablus to teach in the Summer and Autumn. July 2016 and August 2016 were not an exception to this, with Project Hope welcoming 27 new volunteers in the month of July and 12 new volunteers in August 2016. These international volunteers came to Nablus from a wide variety of countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Singapore, Australia, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Chile, reflecting the diversity of our group of international volunteers. They were assisted by 28 local volunteers, recruited from the local community on the basis of their excellent language skills.



Our volunteers teaching a music class

In order to introduce the new volunteers to the various aspects of the Palestinian society, many different activities were organised by the staff of Project Hope. These activities included the preparation of local Palestinian dishes, tours to Hebron, Betlehem, Tell Balata, Balata refugee camp, Sebastia and Jacob’s well in Nablus. Furthermore, outdoor activities such as hiking, soccer, bowling and a workshop in Dabka (the traditional Palestinian dance) were set-up.


The large number of international volunteers coming to Nablus to volunteer for Project Hope made it possible to offer the Palestinian youth a wide variety of classes. In July and August, our volunteers taught classes in English, French, Spanish, German, advanced writing, Microsoft Excel, games, video-making, photography, arts, dance, drama, soccer, yoga and music. Besides, workshops on specific topics such as CV-writing, scholarship applications, applied behavioral analyses, teaching methods were organised for adolescents.

One of our art classes

One of our activities classes

The large number of international and local volunteers contributing to our classes and workshops enabled us to teach a high number of students in July and August 2016. Over the course of July, 1065 students benefited from our classes and workshops, while 1289 students profited from them in August.

Please find below an overview of the classes and workshops offered in July and August 2016:

July 2016

Subjects Classes Female students Male students Total number of students
English 21 281 213 494
French 4 26 18 44
German 3 6 4 10
Activities 20 194 173 367
Music 4 23 30 53
Teaching Methods 2 40 0 40
Sports 3 0 27 27
Yoga 4 10 0 10
Games 2 1 6 7
Film-making and photography 2 4 2 6
Excel 1 1 2 3
CV writing workshops 2 2 0 2
Scholarship application workshops 2 2 0 2


Photography class

Photography class


August 2016

Subjects Classes Female students Male students Total number of students
English 31 285 276 561
French 10 99 79 178
German 1 1 2 3
Activities 18 187 149 336
Music 4 40 32 72
Sports 2 20 14 34
Film-making and photography 4 33 26 59
CV writing workshops 2 2 0 2
Scholarship application workshops 2 2 0 2
Arts 1 10 10 20
Applied behavior analyses 3 14 8 22

 Slideshow of our classes in July/August 2016


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Project Hope works in the refugee camps, cities, and villages of the Nablus region of the northern West Bank, teaching English and delivering other essential education, arts and sports programs to Palestinian children and youth.

The largest volunteer organization of its kind in Palestine, Project Hope fosters dialogue and cooperation between local and international volunteers, while encouraging its volunteer alumni to remain involved with the issue of Palestine afterward.

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