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Project Hope: Opening Doors for Young Palestinians

Project Hope played a large role in shaping the person that I am today, particularly at a professional level. My first encounter with Project Hope was at a local community centre in Balata refugee camp (the largest refugee camp in the West Bank) as a primary school student in 2004. That year, school education suffered a great deal of disruption due to curfews and invasions. I joined an English conversation class led by a Project Hope volunteer at a local community centre in Balata camp. The frequent shut down of school was a great source of concern for everyone and […]

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Leila’s story

Leila, 43 is from the United States where she works as a fifth grade teacher in New York. Leila spent six weeks in Nablus in the summer of 2015 volunteering as an English and art teacher. Part Palestinian, Leila says “I strong connection to my father’s homeland, one that I deeply love very much.” Her favourite thing about Nablus was the spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Now back home with family in the U.S., Leila is still working as a teacher and she would like to spend summer 2016 working with Syrian refugees in Turkey.

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Joseph: The Adventurous Acoustician

Joseph Grugeon-Dixon is from Newcastle, United Kingdom. Joseph volunteered for Music Harvest/Project Hope from September 2015 until the second week of December 2015 (with a small two week-break in October), teaching music to children and teenagers. Volunteering at Music Harvest/Project Hope has been part of a trip Joseph is making through Europe and Asia and is documenting in his adventurousacoustian blog. Below you can find some photos and excerpts of Joseph’s blog, covering his time at Music Harvest/Project Hope. 1 September 2015 “I meet Asha (the other music volunteer I’m working with) around lunchtime and we go to get a […]

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Vanessa’s story

Vanessa, 31 is a Special Education Needs teacher, specialising in Autism in the UK. Passionate about politics and film, Vanessa has an MA in History of Film and Visual Media. Vanessa has always had a strong interest in Palestine and in London she is involved with the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign. Whilst in Nablus, Vanessa worked in an autistic centre in one of the refugee camps. She says, “The ladies who run the centre are some of the most amazing women I have ever met.” She also worked in a village near Nablus doing art and lessons with SEN children. And […]

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Laurence’s story

Originally from France, Laurence is 46, although as she says “I certainly don’t feel it!” Laurence spent one month volunteering with Project Hope this summer where she taught French and worked in Balata refugee camp and in Asira in a summer camp. After a long trip to the Middle East last year Laurence fell in love with the region and felt she had to come back. “I am concerned about political and international laws and wanted to assist a NGO, especially to support children and teens.” Following her experience with Project Hope, Laurence is planning to leave behind a career […]

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Jeremy’s story

Jeremy volunteered for Project Hope from July 2015 until August 2015. Jeremy, 21, is from Brighton in the UK, but grew up in Tanzania and the Czech Republic. Currently a student at the University of Portsmouth, Jeremy is studying International Development. One month teaching English and Photography in Nablus this summer was for Jeremy “not long enough!” He says he came to Palestine because “The Arab culture has always been fascinating to me so I wanted to learn more about it. “ Following his degree Jeremy would like to go into International Multimedia Journalism, specifically in the Middle East.

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Meet our local volunteers: Ahmad

Our local volunteers are very important for the different programs Project Hope provides to the Palestinian youth. Thanks to their dedication and efforts, problems in terms of communication are resolved, classes are being taught much smoother and our international volunteers are introduced to the specifics of Palestinian culture. One of the local volunteers we would like to introduce to you is Ahmad: “My name is Ahmad Sulaiman and I’m from Nablus. I’m 21 years old and I’m studying Arabic literature at An-Najah National University. I have volunteered for Project Hope over the last 3 years, primarily providing translation and interpretation […]

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Harvesting Music at Project Hope

A warm welcome My idea was not to call Project Hope upon my arrival in Nablus, but rather find my own way to the Project Hope office. I was carrying a 30kg-backpack, my electro-acoustic guitar in a hard case and a 15 kg-wheel bag which contained my recording gear. Heavily packed, I wallowed through the streets of Nablus, hoping to find the right street, but in vain… Eventually, I ended up taking a cab which literally dropped me off one street further than where it picked me up. It turned out that I had been walking in circles for over […]

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Helene’s Story

Hélène’s Story Hélène, 23 is from France and is studying international cooperation and development in Toulouse.  She’s been know to swim in the Arctic ocean during the winter but this summer Hélène spent two months in the rather warmer Nablus, teaching French, German and working with autistic children. “I came because I wanted to experience the life in Palestine, to discover the concrete situation, to learn more about the conflict and the persecutions by talking to Palestinians.” Hélène is finishing her studies this year, specialising in the field of migration she would like to work with refugees. Below, you can […]

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Christina’s story

Christina, 21, is a Mathematics student at the University of Maryland. Originally from Florida, United States, Christina is an avid traveller. She says “My dream is to visit every country on Earth and live on all six inhabited continents (I’ll give myself a pass on living in Antarctica!)” Christina spent five weeks in Nablus this summer teaching English and Theatre. “I loved the friendly people, the eagerness and energy of the students, and, of course, eating the legendary knafeh” (A baked cheese soaked in honey with wheat and more honey on top!). Currently in Amman, Jordan, studying Arabic and interning […]

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Project Hope

Project Hope is a community not-for-profit and a registered charity.

Project Hope works in the refugee camps, cities, and villages of the Nablus region of the northern West Bank, teaching English and delivering other essential education, arts and sports programs to Palestinian children and youth.

The largest volunteer organization of its kind in Palestine, Project Hope fosters dialogue and cooperation between local and international volunteers, while encouraging its volunteer alumni to remain involved with the issue of Palestine afterward.

A Registered Charity

Project Hope's work is carried out through the Canadian charity “Humanitarian Opportunities for Peace and Education”


Charity Number:
862587078 RR0001


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Project Hope's work is supported from the United Kingdom and European Union through the Scottish charity Firefly International


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