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Peace and Education in Palestine

Project Hope brings volunteers from around the world to share their know-how with the Palestinians.

Everyone can volunteer and we all have a know-how that we can share with others.

What We Do


What We Do

Project Hope's local and international volunteers work together to provide Palestinian children and youth with educational programs important for growth and development. These include classes in languages, arts, technology, and sports.

Learn more about our programs in Palestine.

Who We Are

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Who We Are

Project Hope was founded in 2003, at the height of a humanitarian crisis in which Palestinian children were being denied their basic rights to education, health, and safety. Today, we remain committed to community level work, empowering Palestinian youth through learning.

Learn more about Project Hope's mission, history, and partners.

Support Us

phsunSupport Us

Find out how you can help support Project Hope by making a donation or setting up your own fundraising page. A little goes a long way in Palestine. Give today and bring vital educational programs to the children of Nablus.                         

Teach In Palestine

phsunTeach In Palestine

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding ways to get involved. International volunteers work alongside local Palestinians to provide much needed classes, from English language to filmmaking to football, creating opportunity and fostering cultural dialogue.

For Schools

phsunFor Schools

Bring Project Hope to your campus or classroom and help us raise awareness about the  difficulties facing Palestinian students just like you. There are many resources we can provide, and tons of ways you can help.